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CLEAPSS provides advice for teachers, technicians, science advisers and H&S officers on all aspects of physics practical work - We know that physics experiments can be tricky to set up and get working. If you’re stuck get in touch by e-mail or 'phone and we can help! We also have suggestions for low cost 'make it yourself' equipment – recent examples include, a Planck’s constant LED array and a mobile phone spectrometer/microscope.

CLEAPSS also works with science equipment suppliers to ensure that their products are safe and suited to the physics classroom.
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Latest news from CLEAPSS..
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Schools
Updated : 2nd March 2022

Various minor revisions to align with new DfE and HSE guidance.
Student Safety Sheets - 2022 Update
Are you about to print off a set of Student Safety Sheets?

Then you may want to wait, we are in the process of fully revising them and plan to publish this all new edition in the Autumn term.
HSE inspection of schools holding radioactive sources in science
The Health and Safety Executive’s Field Operations Division has contacted CLEAPSS (and SSERC for Scotland) to explain it is undertaking a programme of inspections across England, Wales and Scotland to see how schools manage the safe use and storage of the radioactive sources used in science teaching. An inspection programme may come as a surprise to some when you consider the relatively low risk of these sources compared to those used in universities and hospitals. But low risk does not mean exemption from inspection.

The HSE has accepted our offer to provide their inspectors with an introduction to the importance of radioactive sources in practical science, and to explain the approach taken in CLEAPSS Guide L93 on how to manage the sources safely and meet all the regulatory requirements.

You can read more about this on the HSE eBulletin page here.

Ahead of the inspection programme, our advice for schools in England and Wales is to go through the checklist 16.1 in the latest edition of L93 and make sure they have the appropriate arrangements in place.

If you have any questions regarding this, if possible please email rather than calling the helpline, unless it is urgent, as we are in the middle of moving into our new offices at the moment.
CLEAPSS is moving!
We will be moving to our new offices

The CLEAPSS Helpline number will stay the same and will remain operational during and after the move. 

We will however have reduced capacity to respond during this time.

Thank you for bearing with us.

GL227 - CLEAPSS Fume Cupboard Testing
Now fully revised - GL227

This guidance lists the suppliers/manufacturers of fume cupboards and fume cupboard filters intended for the schools market. 

To support schools buying fume cupboards, we have an updated buying guide GL123.

Please note that CLEAPSS no longer carries out routine fume cupboard testing / approval. Therefore, we have removed all references of fume cupboards which have or haven’t been tested / ‘passed’ by ourselves.

Any such claims cited in any sales or technical specifications should be ignored and referred to CLEAPSS via the Helpline. (N.B. It will take some time for companies to update their websites and sales literature, this updated guide was published in Feb 2022).

We have replaced our CLEAPSS fume cupboard testing scheme with a manufacturer based approval
process. This is where the manufacturer of the fume cupboard, asserts that their fume cupboard(s) meets the requirements as per the CLEAPSS guide G9. 

This process will be totally external to CLEAPSS, although we do intend to carry out random spot checks to ensure this system isn’t being abused. The process is similar to other sectors where a self-approval has proved to be effective. 

If you find a fume cupboard advertised as meeting the requirements in Guide G9 (sections 4 & 5 are the most relevant for this), and you feel that it does not meet parts of Guide G9 then please contact us via the Helpline.
Physics Resources
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Members only resource Click to download Document.
A straightforward investigation using simple equipment which will allow students to confirm Boyle's law.

Members only resource Click to download Document.
This leaflet is intended to give brief details only of the major manufacturers and suppliers of electronic balances suitable for use in science within secondary schools and colleges.

Members only resource Click to download Document.
Outlines the work that science technicians do, the tasks which they should not, ideally, be given, and provides a pointer to the number of technicians needed in a department and to management issues w.. more

Members only resource Click to download Document.
This includes all the pictograms required by the Globally Harmonised System for chemical hazard labelling. A selection of large (A4) and small sized pictures for printing and use in schools

Members only resource Click to download Document.
Straightforward advice on how to make sure your practical lessons work as you intend. Includes planning and preparing the activity, managing students, timing and equipment, and clearing away. Also inc.. more

Members only resource Click to download Document.
A rather technical publication intended predominantly for manufacturers of radioactive sources and school employers.

Members only resource Click to download Document.
An activity that introduces primary aged children to power packs and how to collect and record data to make a conclusion about the strength of an electromagnet.

Members only resource Click to download Document.
Disposal of waste sealed sources by the grout/dustbin route.

Free resource Click to view on YouTube
Using atmospheric pressure to push an egg into a conical flaskSee PP0070

Free resource Click to view on YouTube
A video to highlight CLEAPSS resources technicians may find helpful when organising prep rooms and labs, and which could also save them valuable time.

Showing results 1 to 10 of 257
1 234