CLEAPSS Supporting practical science and technology
Bulletin 167 - Spring 2020
Another jam packed edition of the Bulletin :-

- Fake news from the Director 
- Update on the renewal process
- Who pays for CLEAPSS membership
- Gatsby project update
- Using light bulbs in biology
- Online training from SAPS
- Howling Jelly Baby Update
- Green Chemistry with 'Uncle Bob'
- Buying Brady's Reagent
- Different formulations of Universal Indicators
- A view on 'Fake News' by Ed Walsh
- One wheel fell off my trolley
- Why your finance team needs to know about CLEAPSS (or how to save your school money!)
- L93 Update
- Physics Podcasts
- NEBOSH - What it is and isn't
- FutureMinds updates
- CLEAPSS at a technicians conference near you
- Water wars - updated WRAS guidance
- Technician Tips