CLEAPSS Supporting practical science and technology
Bulletin 166 - Autumn 2019
- A positive editorial
- New arrangement for re-newing membership
- Sterilising with pressure cookers
- A 'world' without technicians
- Updated method for the howling Jelly Baby
- Making and disposing of nutrient broth
- A remember of the limits of the explosives regulations
- Nitric Acid update
- Why does your SLT need to know about CLEAPSS?
- Recipe sheets updates
- Two new experiments with sound
- Radon in the workplace
- D&T / Futureminds update
- Technicians tips
- CLEAPSS Technicians Training Programme 2019
- RoSPA - Safe and active 
- How to book on a CLEAPSS course
- List of CLEAPSS courses happening this term