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Technicians play a vital role in supporting the teaching of exciting, effective science safely. CLEAPSS provides guidance on all aspects of being a technician and resources such as stock lists, templates for laboratory checklists, requisition sheets, labels and much more to help technicians in their jobs. CLEAPSS actively works with other organisations to raise the status of technicians in schools.

We also post details of technician networks and job vacancies.

If you need help or advice or would like to share a technician tip please get in touch by email or phone.

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Latest news from CLEAPSS..
WANTED : CLEAPSS Fiance Officer20 Sep 2017
CLEAPSS has a small team of 20 staff who provide practical advice and support for school science, D&T and art. 

This post is for a finance officer, 52 weeks per year, between 30 and 37 hours per week. Daily working hours are negotiable.

The successful applicant will be responsible for the day to day operation of CLEAPSS finances. They will provide professional accountancy support to senior staff, to include monitoring budgets and plans and analysing financial and management information .

The salary will be in the range NJC 27 – 30 (£24,174 - £26,822) and the post includes membership of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). Further details can be found on this website or by e-mail or phone 01895 251496.

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Closing date: 5pm on Friday 20th October 2017
Open Evenings / Events20 Sep 2017
Open evening coming up? Don’t scorch your visitors...Read our guide PS58 for general advice, and remember; methane bubbles go on teachers’/technicians’ hands, not students.
CLEAPSS 12 day Technician Training Programme12 Sep 2017
We are pleased to announce that the 2018 Technician Training Programme will run at CLEAPSS, Brunel Science Park, Uxbridge.  See here for details and dates. 
Welcome Back4 Sep 2017
Welcome back to a new school year.

CLEAPSS has been busy during the summer, as well as working on a number of publications due out later this term. We have uploaded a lot of new or revised guides. 

You can find all of these updates by using our What's New section on the left buttons.

Be careful when you go into the chemical store after the holidays. 

If you notice anything amiss such as more vapour or rusting than before, then follow CLEAPSS advice. Call the Helpline if in doubt
Hot weather, the storage of chemicals and ventilation: PREPARING FOR THE HOLIDAYS30 Jun 2017
In addition to the advice below, make sure your chemicals keep cool even if the weather is hot while school is closed over the summer.

Arrange for the store to be kept cool. If you know the temperature rises if the weather gets hot, increase the ventilation if possible.
Consider alternative storage arrangements if there is a secure, cool, well-ventilated space available, at least over the holiday period when the chemicals do not need to be accessed frequently.
Arrange for someone to check the store regularly. If this will be a non-science colleague, make sure (s)he knows what to look out for and what to do if problems are spotted and warn the colleague not to put themselves at risk. Leave the CLEAPSS Helpline number and instructions (including a copy of the E Hazcards and GL120 About Hazcards section E).
Place bottles of volatile chemicals in a large volume of water eg, in a bucket or bowl. Protect the label by keeping the water level below the label or placing the bottle in a plastic bag.
Take care when entering the store after a period away, particularly if the weather has been hot.

Ventilation : A rate of 2 air changes per hour, maintained 24/7 normally suffices to vent hazardous fumes and maintain an even temperature. If your store is liable to become hot, the ventilation may be deficient. Call a ventilation engineer to check it and quote for improvements. Failure to maintain adequate ventilation can lead to overheating and a build-up of fumes which can cause ill-health and corrosion. 

Contact the CLEAPSS Helpline for further advice if necessary

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Members only resource Click to download Document.
Provides an overview and full index of all Laboratory Handbook sections.

Members only resource Click to download Document.
This edition includes notes on blood and cheek cell sampling, inappropriate dumping of waste chemicals, and the role and value of the CE mark on equipment.

Members only resource Click to download Document.
Risk assessment guidance for carbon disulfide.

Members only resource Click to download Document.
Risk assessment guidance for Salicylic acid, aspirin & similar esters

Members only resource Click to download Document.
A straightforward investigation using simple equipment which will allow students to confirm Boyle's law.

Members only resource Click to download Document.
This leaflet is intended to give brief details only of the major manufacturers and suppliers of electronic balances suitable for use in science within secondary schools and colleges.

Members only resource Click to download Document.
Outlines the work that science technicians do, the tasks which they should not, ideally, be given, and provides a pointer to the number of technicians needed in a department and to management issues w.. more

Free resource Click to download Document.
Important health and safety information for using a range of human body fluids and tissues in practical work.

Members only resource Click to download Document.
This includes all the pictograms required by the Globally Harmonised System for chemical hazard labelling. A selection of large (A4) and small sized pictures for printing and use in schools

Free resource Click to download Document.
Complete index for the Student Safety Sheets

Showing results 1 to 10 of 886
1 234