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CLEAPSS resources give teachers ideas for exciting and engaging practical activities that fire pupils' imaginations and then, unlike many other sources of ideas, go on to show teachers and technicians in detail how to translate the ideas into safe and exciting experiences in the classroom.
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Gatsby - Good Practical Science report
Gatsby Charitable Foundation launches Good Practical Science report to transform practical science education in England.

The Gatsby Charitable Foundation has launched the Good Practical Science report, outlining ten benchmarks to transform practical science education in England.

The Good Practical Science report details recommendations to help secondary schools achieve world-class science education, even when facing tight budgets.Looking at more than 400 secondary schools in England to gauge the status of practical science, the report also involved visits to world-leading nations including Finland, Germany and Singapore to learn what was done differently internationally.

The report was led by Sir John Holman, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at the University of York, founding director of the National STEM Learning Centre and a former head teacher and science teacher.

Download the 8 page summary report here

Download the full report here
Student Safety Sheets - 2018 CLP Edition
The 2018 CLP Edition of Student Safety Sheets are now live on our website. 

They have been fully reviewed and revised taking into account changes due to CLP and feedback on the use of the sheets in schools.

Find all the sheets here and the teachers guide here.
Hot weather - check your chemicals
As temperatures rise, remember to keep an eye on your chemicals and respond appropriately if you notice any problems. See GL246, GL247 and GL252 for advice on doing this safely. 

However, further to our recent Bulletin article, some schools have asked us about bottles of chemicals from different suppliers. Some of these are fine – they may be a different type of plastic which is more durable with whichever chemical they contain. If in doubt, contact your supplier or the CLEAPSS Helpline.

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GL173 Estimating the activity of radium-painted dials  (19 Jul 2018)
This explains how to estimate the radioactivity of instruments which have dials painted with radium paint. Such dials are now getting very old and the paint will be deteriorating and possibly flaking .. more

GL261 - An introduction to digital multimeters  (12 Jul 2018)
Guidance on how to use a DMM, where to plug in test leads, what the various functions do, and how to select the appropriate scale.

GL260 - A buying guide for digital multimeters  (12 Jul 2018)
Brief but essential guidance on what to look for when buying a digital miutimeter (DMM)

GL264 - Restoring a cup radioactive source with a loose foil  (5 Jul 2018)
Restoring a cup radioactive source with a loose foil

PS005 - Waste disposal contractors  (4 Jul 2018)
A regularly updated list of contractors that will remove hazardous and other waste materials from schools. Includes brief advice on choosing the most appropriate.