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CLEAPSS resources give teachers ideas for exciting and engaging practical activities that fire pupils' imaginations and then, unlike many other sources of ideas, go on to show teachers and technicians in detail how to translate the ideas into safe and exciting experiences in the classroom.
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Issues with benches in Science labs3 May 2018
CLEAPSS is becoming increasingly aware of issues with benches in Science labs. The issue is with excessive movement of benches which contain gas pipes. 

We are concerned that where benches move a lot, the gas pipes may become damaged which could lead to a gas leak.

An example of such excessive movement can be seen on this video.

CLEAPSS recommends that staff check all benches in their labs, if you do find excessive movement please refer to CLEAPSS Guide GL238 (Point 2) for what to do next.
HSE Radioactive Sources Registration16 May 2018
Since 6 February this year, employers who have employees using radioactive sources must notify, register or obtain consent from the HSE before working with the sources. 

This includes schools. Some school employers don't realise that the small teaching sources used in school science fall into the registration category. If you are not sure if your employer has registered the use of your sources, it would be sensible to check. Our advice is that the employer should get the registration undertaken promptly, even if late. 

The HSE have indicated that they are not minded to take action on late registrations at the moment. We have produced a guide, GL258, which takes you through the registration process. 
We advise employers use this guide because some of the registration questions are not straightforward. 
CLEAPSS on Tour16 May 2018
CLEAPSS is set to appear at many different and varied conferences this summer, hopefully we will see some of you at these events.

ASE Technicians Conferences
Hatfield - 14th June
London (IOE) - 18th May
York (national conference) - 5th & 6th July

Avon Science Techs Conference - 13th July
Birmingham Techs Conference - 15th July
Clement Danes Conference - 29th June
Leicester Techs Conference - 22nd June
NE/NWSCS Techs Conference Bolton - 23rd May
SLS Lab Show & Conference - 23rd May

From the 5th-9th of March 2018, hundreds of schools across the UK took part in #TECHOGNITION week to celebrate the work of school science technicians.

The aim is to publicly showcase the incredible work that school science technicians do on a daily basis and show that technicians are an essential and highly skilled workforce that play an important role in the running of any successful school science department.For more info see here.
Use of Human Bodily Fluids in Standard School Science Experiments in Northern Ireland17 Jan 2018
The use of human bodily fluids is now allowed in standard science experiments in Northern Ireland schools. CLEAPSS guidance has been updated to reflect the change.

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GL173 Estimating the activity of radium-painted dials  (21 May 2018)
This explains how to estimate the radioactivity of instruments which have dials painted with radium paint. Such dials are now getting very old and the paint will be deteriorating and possibly flaking .. more

Letter RPA 2  (9 May 2018)
This letter of appointment should be completed by the employer where the 'consultation' has confirmed that that the employer does need to “appoint” an RPA It should be used when the employer is  the o.. more

PS046b Radiation protection in school science. Guidance for independent schools and colleges (including foundation and voluntary-aided schools & academies).  (30 Apr 2018)
Legislative requirements of independent school employers for schools holding radioactive sources and materials. Describes the importance of a radiation protection adviser and how to secure the service.. more

GL118a - Software for the counter module used on CLEAPSS radioactivity courses  (27 Apr 2018)
The zip folder contains the software necessary to use the CLEAPSS USB counter module. The full instructions for making the module can be found in Guide GL118. To run the software, you need to download.. more

PS003 - Keeping and using animals and plants, towards a school or science department policy  (24 Apr 2018)
Describes the value of a policy on keeping animals and plants in schools, and what such policy should include. Also includes references to non-CLEAPSS documents.