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Start of Term - Lab Checks
The start of term is an ideal time to do some basic checks in your labs. Aside from the more basic checks like are the sinks clear, and do the taps work. There are more important checks to be made...

All benches / worktops / bollards which have gas taps should not allow any movement (in any direction). CLEAPSS has repeatedly found loose worktops, benches and bollards which can wobble and move considerable amounts. This can damage the supply gas pipe, which in turn could lead to a gas leak. 

Watch this video for an example of the issue. 

If you do discover any movement, then the gas in that lab should be turned off and the gas should not be used until repairs have been made to stop the movement. After these repairs the gas system should be checked by a Gas Safe engineer. (This is often called a tightness test)

If you do discover a gas leak in a lab then turn off the gas supply within the lab, then follow the school procedure(s) to evacuate the building and call 0800 111 999 (if you have LPG then call the supplier number, FLOGAS 03457 200100 or CALOR GAS 03457 444999). 
Remember do not use any flames, or operate any switches on or off, and do not use your mobile phone until you are outside.
Are you a new technician?
Welcome to the CLEAPSS science website. You can find specific resources by adding a key word to the search box. Chemicals can be searched by formula as well as by name.

Our guide for the induction and training of new technicians can be found here.
You can find our guide for model risk assessments for laboratory technician activities here

For further advice you can email the Helpline via the tab on the website or if more urgent call on 01895 251496.

Disposal of radioactive sources - updated guidance
We have revised our guidance GL220 on how to dispose of small waste sealed sources by grouting them and putting them into the dustbin. We are aware that there are several mechanical and biological treatment (MBT) plants in the UK that treat the household waste to reduce the amount going to landfill and incineration. We have discussed this with the environment agency’s radioactive substances regulators and modified our procedure. We now advise that small sealed sources are first encapsulated in epoxy resin, then into mortar, in a plastic unlikely to be recycled.  This should ensure small metal items go to incineration or landfill. 
Technicians' Workshop
Looking for an idea for a workshop at your next technician network meeting or conference?Then click here to learn more about the Technicians' Workshops organised by SciLabware. They're designed to help improve knowledge and understanding of the features and benefits of glass and plastic laboratory ware.
Spam Emails
CLEAPSS have been made aware of spam purportedly coming from CLEAPSS accounts with links and / or attachments to invoices. All CLEAPSS emails are all digitally signed and any spoofed / spam emails should be rejected as fake by your mail server if it has been configured correctly, however many aren't!!

In light of this, please make sure you check that the email is from a genuine before following any links or opening attachments.

Signs of fake emails:
  • you weren't expecting the email / invoice.
  • the from email address does not match the from name.
  • phone numbers in the footer are not the CLEAPSS number ( 01895 251496 )
  • check by hovering over a link, CLEAPSS only uses WorldPay for online payments.
  • the English or grammar is poor, or amounts requested are in dollars.
If in any doubt about the authenticity of any CLEAPSS email then please contact us BEFORE opening any attachments or following any links.

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PS048 Fume cupboard testing and contractors
Briefly explains the legislative basis for annual fume cupboard testing and the equipment needed to undertake the test. Also includes a regularly-updated list of contractors who will test fume cupboar.. more
 (11 Sep 2019)

SRA037 - Investigating the properties of gallium metal
The low melting point of gallium metal is demonstrated, eg by using warm water to melt a sample or by making it into a spoon shape and showing that it melts when used to stir a cup of tea.
 (9 Sep 2019)

GL253 - Suppliers who are associate members of CLEAPSS
The individuals, companies and organisations listed in this document are associate members of CLEAPSS. They are permitted to display the CLEAPSS logo with the text “Associate Member of CLEAPSS” This m.. more
 (9 Sep 2019)

GL220 - Disposal of waste sealed sources.
Disposal of waste sealed sources by the grout/dustbin route.
 (9 Sep 2019)

Bulletin 166 - Autumn 2019
- A positive editorial- New arrangement for re-newing membership- Sterilising with pressure cookers- A 'world' without technicians- Updated method for the howling Jelly Baby- Making and disposing of n.. more
 (9 Sep 2019)