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CLEAPSS resources give teachers ideas for exciting and engaging practical activities that fire pupils' imaginations and then, unlike many other sources of ideas, go on to show teachers and technicians in detail how to translate the ideas into safe and exciting experiences in the classroom.
CLEAPSS advice and documentation is recognised by the Health and Safety Executive and the Department for Education.
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Do you have an innovative way of engaging your students with STEM?22 Aug 2016
Science on Stage UK are seeking up to twelve talented and passionate teachers and technicians from all areas of STEM in 5-19 education to represent the UK at the Science on Stage European Festival, 2017.

Chosen UK delegates will get the opportunity to share their passion, skills and projects via a poster presentation alongside teachers from 25 other countries, raising the profile of their work and their school/college at an international level.

“Science on Stage was the most inspirational CPD event I have ever taken part in, as I came away with a myriad of project ideas, strategies and resources to ensure the success of my next project” – Colin Inglis, Boroughbridge High School and 2015 UK delegate. Previous delegate presentations have included challenging gender stereotypes in science, learning themed around human space flight and developing creative science in the outdoor classroom.

The application process is now live, deadline 12 October 2016. For more information about Science on Stage UK, the application process and useful downloads please visit
Year 6 Induction Days and science11 Jul 2016
If you are planning a primary induction or taster day in the secondary laboratory, contact CLEAPSS for advice on suitable and safe activities.
Four updated CHIP Hazcards21 Jun 2016
We have had to update four CHIP (old style) Hazcards, this is in response to the changes in the explosives regulations (ER2014). For more about the rule changes see Guide PS81

We have updated the below CHIP (Old) Hazcards :-

001, 008, 045C & 059A

You can find these here on the old website, but remember that you can't open the CLP Hazcards on the old website.
Student Safety Sheets6 Jun 2016
Some of you may have noticed that we have uploaded two new Student Safety Sheets (if not click here). These are about how to handle chemicals. 

We will be updating the Student Safety Sheets, to match the CLP regulations, once we have finalised the CLP Hazcards. We hope to have the new generation Student Safety Sheets out early in 2017.
CLEAPSS Microcontroller Competition28 Jan 2016
Following on from the success of our annual primary school science competition, we are pleased to announce that we will be running a secondary competition for STEM subjects in secondary schools and colleges.  The aim of this competition is to encourage pupils to develop creative outcomes using modern microcomputer controller systems. We will be rolling out the competition with a soft launch in late 2015, and official launch at the ASE and BETT conferences in January 2016 with a deadline of Friday 22nd July 2016. For more information see the documents below:

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GL227 - Fume Cupboards: Suppliers & Repairers  (18 Aug 2016)
This Guidance Leaflet, GL 227 replaces CLEAPSS guide R9a Fume Cupboards: Suppliers & Repairers. A guide to school fume cupboards meeting the recommendations of Building Bulletin 88.The aim is to l.. more

PS081 - Fireworks and explosives  (16 Aug 2016)
We have updated and revised our guidance in light of the 2014 Explosives Regulations. These do change what schools are able to do in Science.We have worked closely with experts in the explosives indus.. more

PS063 - Manufacturers and suppliers of electronic balances  (12 Aug 2016)
This leaflet is intended to give brief details only of the major manufacturers and suppliers of electronic balances suitable for use in science within secondary schools and colleges.

PS042 - Repair and service agents for microscopes  (12 Aug 2016)
A regularly-updated list of companies which will repair and service microscopes

PS048 Fume cupboard testing and contractors  (12 Aug 2016)
Briefly explains the legislative basis for annual fume cupboard testing and the equipment needed to undertake the test. Also includes a regularly-updated list of contractors who will test fume cupboar.. more