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CLEAPSS resources give teachers ideas for exciting and engaging practical activities that fire pupils' imaginations and then, unlike many other sources of ideas, go on to show teachers and technicians in detail how to translate the ideas into safe and exciting experiences in the classroom.
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Salters' National Awards for Science Technicians 2020
These awards are run by The Salters' Institute in collaboration with CLEAPSS and SSERC.  The aims of the awards are to highlight the important role that school & college technicians play in enabling high quality practical work in science and to promote & support the professional learning & upskilling of technician teams.  For full details and to apply online click here.  
CLEAPSS Technician Training Programme 2020
There is still time to book on the 12 day Technician Training Programme which is being run at The School of Education, University of Bristol, BS8 1JA commencing March 3rd. For full details please click here
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The new login and password has been sent to members via the printed bulletin.

As part of the move to online membership processing, direct members of CLEAPSS (ie not via a local authority or other brokering organisation) will have been sent a renewal notice by e-mail. We have sent out over 2500 electronic requests and so far almost half of those we have contacted have successfully navigated the online membership renewal process.If the renewal request has been passed to you by someone else and you are not sure what to do next, give us a ring (01895 251496) and ask us to resend the renewal directly to you. That way you can simply click on the link in the e-mail to access the online portal. 

If your school has not renewed its membership by the end of January, membership will lapse and your password will stop working.
CLEAPSS at the ASE Conference 2020
CLEAPSS once again had a large presence at the ASE Conference.

We had a stand (AS10) where you could collect your latest #CLEAPSSMug, please tweet pictures of your mug in use (via @CLEAPSS).

We ran lots of workshops, which you can find exact detail of here

The resources linked to the workshops you can find here.
Student Safety Sheet 2019 Update
You may have noticed we have updated our Student Safety Sheets to the 2019 edition. 

All the changes are error corrections of layout, typo and technical mistakes. Apart from minor changes to safe working low voltages, no major changes have been made to our safety advice.

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GL333 - Soldering fume extraction
This guide explains how to make your own soldering fume extraction unit, using a PC fan and some charcoal filter.You will need access to a laser cutter.
 (24 Feb 2020)

PS005 - Waste disposal contractors
A regularly updated list of contractors that will remove hazardous and other waste materials from schools. Includes brief advice on choosing the most appropriate. 
 (21 Feb 2020)

Chemiluminescence - Video
Chemiluminescent reactions provide an exciting visual hook for students when studying reaction energetics and redox chemistry. 
 (21 Feb 2020)

PP083 - Chemiluminescence
Chemiluminescent reactions provide an exciting visual hook for students when studying reaction energetics and redox chemistry. The production of light instead of heat in these exothermic reactions pro.. more
 (21 Feb 2020)

PP084 PTC taste test
An updated version of a standard genetics practical
 (19 Feb 2020)