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Check your 2,4-DNP19 Oct 2016
Schools who hold stocks of 2,4-DNP (2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine) are reminded to check the storage arrangements for this chemical are as per Hazcard 30

Do NOT open the reagent bottle.

If you have any concerns then please call the CLEAPSS Helpline.
The guide to Hazcards - GL12018 Oct 2016
Our guide about how to use the new generation of Hazcards has been completely updated. Guide GL120 is a comprehensive guide on how to use the new CLP Hazcards.

All users of Hazcards should read and have a copy of GL120 to hand when using the new CLP Hazcards.

Many sections have been completely re-written, including the emergencies section.

Due to the changes in GL120, we have updated the Handbook Section 3 and removed (for now) Section 5 of the Handbook.

CLP Hazcards12 Oct 2016
All the CLP Hazcards have now been uploaded to the website. There is also a 'All in one' file which is ideal for printing from.

Please note that the index (GL121), will be published shortly.
Ordering Hazcards is now open29 Sep 2016
You can now order the new CLP Hazcards! Follow the below link to complete the online order. Please note you can only order them online, please do NOT phone us to order them.
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Handbook - Section 3 - Personal Safety  (20 Oct 2016)
Covers aspects of personal safety relating to personal protective equipment (PPE) including eye protection, lab coats etc, safety screens, laboratory hygeine (including eating and drinking in a lab) a.. more

GL121 - Hazcard Index (CLP edition)  (19 Oct 2016)
An index to all the chemicals included in Hazcards, and their Hazcard.

E233 - Chemical stocklist; CLP version  (19 Oct 2016)
This spread sheet contains an extensive list of stock chemicals along with storage information.The instructions for use are now contained in the first two sheets of the file and supercede the old word.. more

GL120 - About Hazcards - Oct 2016  (17 Oct 2016)
Describes the structure of the CLP Hazcards, and amplifies and explains the safety information which is included on them.

Handbook - Section 5 - Laboratory First Aid  (14 Oct 2016)
This has been removed as we are re-working our guidance on this, for more information see the E Cards (Hazcards) and Guide GL120. If you have any questions about this please call the CLEAPSS Helpline.