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Biology at CLEAPSS –present fascinating, future exciting!

Biology has been developing very rapidly over the last 40 years, and this is increasingly being reflected in the content of biology lessons.

To support these developments CLEAPSS has been working on a range of practicals, guidance and training courses to enable schools to meet the demands of this new curriculum in safe, engaging and innovative ways. We are also on hand to answer any queries you may have regarding Health Safety aspects of biology practical, whether new or old.

Measuring photosynthesis using a mobile phone

Latest news from CLEAPSS..
Top 10 hazards in Science23 Mar 2017
CLEAPSS carries out many audits of Science departments. Through these we have identified hazards which are common across a range of schools.

Have a read of them here.
WANTED : CLEAPSS Chemistry Adviser16 Mar 2017
CLEAPSS is looking for an enthusiastic chemistry specialist with a passion for practical work to lead the next phase of development in our support for practical activities in chemistry.   

The salary will be in the Soulbury range 13-16 (£47,640 - £51,219). The post attracts a relocation package as well as membership of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Further details can be found on the below links or by e-mail or phone 01895 251496. 

Closing date: 5.00pm on Tuesday 2nd May 
Interviews: Tuesday 9th May
Check your 2,4-DNP2 Nov 2016
Schools who hold stocks of 2,4-DNP (2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine, technically called 2,4-DNPH) are reminded to check the storage arrangements for this chemical are as per Hazcard 30

If it has been stored as advised, or is unopened as supplied (as it contains water for supply) there is no cause for concern. 

However if there is no water in the outer container or the reagent bottle has not been placed inside an additional container you must assume that the material has dried out meaning that an additional risk is present.

Do NOT open the reagent bottle.

Please do not call the police.

Instead please call the CLEAPSS Helpline for further advice.

To view the DfE/EFA statement about 2,4-DNP click here.
CLEAPSS Log In Details 16 Mar 2017
The neon password will expire at the end of March. Please ensure you have the new password by checking the paper copy of the Spring 2017 Bulletin that was sent to all member schools.
Salters’ National Awards For Science Technicians 1 Mar 2017
In collaboration with CLEAPSS and SSERC

An exciting opportunity to showcase your work in practice.Up to 4 AWARDS of £1000 each

Don’t miss out in gaining recognition for the work that you do!

CLOSING DATE for applications:FRIDAY 5 MAY 2017.

For more info see this flyer.
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Members only resource Click to download Document.
This leaflet is intended to give brief details only of the major manufacturers and suppliers of electronic balances suitable for use in science within secondary schools and colleges.

Members only resource Click to download Document.
Outlines the work that science technicians do, the tasks which they should not, ideally, be given, and provides a pointer to the number of technicians needed in a department and to management issues w.. more

Members only resource Click to download Document.
This includes all the pictograms required by the Globally Harmonised System for chemical hazard labelling. A selection of large (A4) and small sized pictures for printing and use in schools

Members only resource Click to download Document.
Straightforward advice on how to make sure your practical lessons work as you intend. Includes planning and preparing the activity, managing students, timing and equipment, and clearing away. Also inc.. more

Free resource Click to download Video.
This video shows the correct way to sterilise an inoculation loop by flaming.

Members only resource Click to download Document.
This is a customisable letter for schools to send to parents to request permission in advance of students taking a small sample of their own blood.

Free resource Click to download Video.
This video demonstrates how to inoculate a nutrient agar plate using a cotton wool spreader.

Members only resource Click to download Document.
Covers a range of issues and practicalities associated with gene technology experiments in schools including legal and ethical issues as well as an indepth exploration of health and safety topics.

Members only resource Click to download Document.
Contains a wealth of information on the various ways of measuring pH, and the advantage and disadvantage os each. Includes all sorts of background theory which will help the reader make the most appro.. more

Members only resource Click to download Document.
Practical advice on successfully incubating hens, and other, eggs, and initial rearing and handling of chicks.

Showing results 1 to 10 of 163
1 234